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petlanddiscounts com coupons

actually works for the company. Post a new public message: Note: This forum is moderated - new posts are not visible until approved. Well I went down to West Virginia and adopted a white boxer. It's been two months or so they are still drinking like crazy though. I happened to think of putting in the food to see if anyone else had complaints. Getting a call from them was a nice effort. When I gave him a treat, he loved it and I "thought" he was spoiled and just wanted the treats more. We had to put her down in late October.

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He started drinking lots of water and urinating excessively. In 2009, we opened a second location in Springboro, allowing us to help even more pets in the Dayton area. . She said that they were trying to get him stablized. Read all of them. A yearly checkup is the best way to keep your pet as healthy as possible because its much easier to prevent disease than to treat. . We immediately took him to our vet. Contact Forum Admin Forum timezone: GMT-8 VF Version:.00b, ConfDB: Before posting please read our privacy policy. As a matter of fact this is the most normal ive seen him in a couple of weeks, with a eagerness to eat that had gone missing for the past couple of weeks even before the food changes.

He won't touch his food until the end of the day when he's starving. This board is mainly for the recent recall of the pet food and how it pertains to the safety of our pets. The lawsuit alleges, among other claims, that the pet food companies have fraudulently and/or negligently misrepresented and concealed what is actually in their pet foods, violated Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices, and Failed to Warn the public of the health risks to animals associated with. We gave our dog Pedialyte. Board Owner, 10:33:27 08/29/08 Fri 1 Thank you for visiting the forum and sharing your experience.